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Animal, Superhero and Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

Welcome to Best Kept Secret

Since 2001, we have been sourcing the best fancy dress costumes from around the world to bring you the widest range of the funniest, scariest and individual fancy dress outfits available.

Having recently moved into our superstore in Leeds, we are proud to supply some of the best costumes within the region and to the rest of the UK.

Fancy Dress Outfits

We stock a varied collection of costumes for a whole range of occasions. Including some truly unique products, we specialise in Halloween outfits, Superhero costumes and 80’s fancy dress.

We believe that the most effective costumes are funny, have lots of character and are individual. Best Kept Secret aims to bring you exactly that, with outfits including animals, pirates and clowns.

Halloween Costumes

Everybody knows that the biggest fancy dress event of the year is Halloween. This holiday has been increasing in popularity as more and more people dress in scary outfits every year.

Our collection of Halloween fancy dress costumes includes both typical and unique products. Expect to find zombie costumes, vampires and witches outfits, which are sure to frighten anyone that sees you on the 31st of October.

Themed Fancy Dress Parties

A craze that has developed recently is to have a specially themed party. This can include choosing a decade, letter or category to base your occasion on. Not only does this make it easy for the host, it also allows for creativity and unique fancy dress outfits.

Possibly the most popular theme is an 80’s fancy dress party. At Best Kept Secret, we stock a range of outfits suited to this decade. Top Gun, Michael Jackson, shell suits and Afro’s; all iconic images of the 80’s. We provide these images in a range of outfits and accessories, as well as other costumes to transport you back to this iconic era.